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Calendar (Click here to view our calendar)

So, you want to know what is going on at Wendell Baptist Preschool? Awesome! All you need to do is check out our online calendar and you are ready to go. To make our calendar as user friendly as possibly you can simply click an event and add it to your own calendar. Now, if only filing your taxes was that easy.

Documents (Click here to view and download important documents)


Oh no! Your pet dog, Fluffy, shreded your child's copy of the Wendell Baptist Preschool Handbook? No worries! You can simply download another copy here

Look on the bright side, at least Fluffy did not shred the crisp $50 bill sitting on the counter.

Photographs (Click here to view the photos from our recent events)


In the mass chaos that took place to get everyone out of the door on time you forgot the camera... Oh no! Have no fears, just check out the Photograph section of our website and browse to find that adorable picture of your child waving to you as they sang Away In A Manger at the Christmas Concert.

Social Media (Click here get social...)


Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Yeah, we've got those and we know that you do to! So, will you be our friend?

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