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The Preschool


      The mission of Wendell Baptist Preschool is to help preschoolers develop a basic Christian approach to living through example and day-to-day interaction. We believe that preschoolers are more than body, mind, and emotions - that they have a spirit capable of relating to our Creator. Our curriculum includes exposure to Bible stories and prayer to encourage reverence towards God and faith in his son, Jesus Christ. 

      Wendell Baptist Preschool provides an atmosphere in which preschoolers can develop socially through play with other children. By encouraging communication, sharing, and getting along with others in both large and small groups, we hope to develop responsible behavior. Our staff will provide situations in which each child can succeed in order to develop a healthy self-concept. 
      Wendell Baptist Preschool helps to prepare preschoolers for formal schooling by working on social skills, reading readiness skills, by exposure to many different language experiences, and by encouraging motor skill development. Some of the benefits of preschool include growth in the ability to: listen, follow simple directions, concentrate, share, understand feelings, use imagination and materials constructively, and persevere to complete a task - all necessary skills for the formal schooling experience, but also, for life in general. 
      Wendell Baptist Preschool strives to minister not only to preschoolers, but to all individuals important in their lives. It is the desire of the preschool staff and the professional staff of the church to work closely with our preschool families. Wendell Baptist Preschool's mission is to empower children during their early years, and their families, to build a Christian foundation for a lifetime of learning. 

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